We believe that as a parent, you are the most influential person in your child’s life. Period.
Combine that with the influence of a community of significant peers and adults welcoming and loving your child well, we believe your child’s future is bright.


When the home and church work together, the next generation will be impacted. We strive to share the very best resources and offer impactful events to help you along on the parenting journey as together, we lead kids to Jesus.

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We care about what you care about. . . bullying, stress, technology, how to have tough conversations. That’s why we want to share with you some of the best resources we’ve found to help with parenting your child(ren). Check back often for new resources. We are always working to find and develop new and relevant tools for parents and homes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a note through the contact form, below.

November/December Feature Topic: Bullying

Bullying is a big deal, today. You may already know that bullying is defined by unwanted or repetitive behavior that is intended to cause physical or emotional harm. Bullying may be physical (hitting, punching), verbal (teasing or name-calling) or relational (social exclusion or cyberbullying). Bullying occurs in every community, and in every school setting—religious or secular, public or private.
Bullying is hurtful and can have serious
and sometime long-term mental health consequences,
which can be unique to each individual.
If your child is being bullied, or if you even suspect bullying, let them know that they are not alone and that they are not at fault. If they are the bully, it’s important to dig a little deeper and take some action. And even if bullying is not on the radar, talk to kids about what to do if they ever experience it or witness it in any way.
These conversations aren’t always easy to have.
Make sure to involve professional counselors, as needed.
If you need help, use the contact form, below.
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Improving Your Family’s Routine – April 4-6, 2019
Life feel out of control? Chances are you have way too much on your calendars to even begin to figure it out. Come and discover how to work from rest. You’ll play more and find more purpose, together. Yes – it is possible!
This workshop is especially designed for families with preschool aged children through high schoolers. Find more information at
Spring “Parents of Tweens & Teens” Event – Spring 2019
Discover how to build a stronger relationship with your tween or teen. It is truly about creating welcoming spaces, demonstrating radical love, and gently leading them toward Jesus. More information coming soon. Registration opens December 1, 2018.
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